Thanks for checking out our baby boutique! My name is Megan and with the help of my husband, German, we run Little BaeBae Boutique. We had our first little baebae, Ella Rose, almost two years ago now and she is who inspired me to start this journey. We now have a baby boy, Caden German Castillo, who joined our family August 30th, 2018 and we can't get enough of him!

I never dreamed I would start a baby boutique one day, but when I had my daughter I realized I had a passion for baby fashion. It all started with being a new stay-at-home mom and having an itch for a creative outlet. I decided I wanted to create diaper covers with cute prints, which soon turned into creating cute handmade baby items, as well as launching the LB Handpicked Collection, comprised of adorable outfits from different brands/manufacturers. And now we are finally ready to launch a brand new baby product: the Little Bae Retractaclip, a pacifier clip that automatically retracts when baby spits out his or her pacifier. I got the idea from watching my daughter use a regular pacifier clip. We had two major problems with those—they are long enough to wrap around a baby's neck and the pacifier drags on the ground when they crawl. My daughter loved her pacifier, so I had to remember to remove the clip if she fell asleep with it or re-clip it to a lower part of her clothing. And when she started crawling, I was constantly having to unclip it to clean it. Super annoying! So when the idea for a retractable pacifier clip came to me, I was sure it already existed, but, to my surprise, it didn't. That's when we decided to develop one, the patent on which is pending. Our daughter used the prototype from about eight months and we would never go back. We are so excited to have our product help solve those same problems for you and other parents, as well!

We really appreciate the support and hope you have a great experience shopping for your little baebae at our boutique! Thank you!

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