LB Retractaclip & Travel Pouch Set

LB Retractaclip & Travel Pouch Set

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COMBO SET INCLUDES: 1 Retractaclip (with choice of color) & 1 Travel Pouch


We designed an adorable pacifier travel pouch to help keep those pacifiers clean while baby isn't using them. 

Holds up to two pacifiers and/or our Little Bae Retractaclip with pacifier attached and keeps them clean and handy.

The agion antimicrobial-protected lining helps reduce odor-causing bacteria.

With its convenient strap, you can attach it to a clip on the stroller, diaper bag or anywhere else to keep your pacifiers within arms reach.

Has a zippered closure and includes a small front pouch.



If you have a pacifier lovin' baby you have to try this new and improved must-have accessory! 

Winner of the 2018 PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARD by Creative Child Magazine and 2018 TOP CHOICE OF THE YEAR AWARD by Baby Maternity Magazine! 


We developed this product to solve the two major problems with regular long pacifier clips. The Little Bae Retractaclip extends up to about 12inches and automatically retracts when the baby spits out their pacifier--keeping the tether short and the pacifier from dragging on the ground while they crawl. Also lowers the chances of it being able to accidentally wrap around their neck (unlike regular pacifier clips). It's safe, lightweight and easy to use even for babies--when they develop the motor skills to grab the pacifier themselves. Made with non-toxic plastic and with a genuine leather cord that is durable and easy to wipe clean. It can be used with majority of all pacifiers.

It can reach the baby's mouth when clipped to the onesie or shirt collar without being extended and will have zero pull. So if your baby doesn't have a strong suction on their pacifier yet you can still use it! Then as they get older you can extend the Retractaclip to other places like their waistband, carseat, or stroller etc.


Disclaimer: Parent supervision recommended. Make sure it is retracting correctly and securely clipped to baby before letting them use or play with it--the Little Bae Retractaclip is NOT a toy. Once baby gets older and develops the motor-skills to physically try and wrap it around their neck, we recommend clipping below their chest so that the cord is not long enough for them to be able to. If broken, small parts may pose choking hazard. Buyer assumes all responsibility.


1. My baby loves to play with the Retractaclip and now one side is longer than the other. How do I get it back to normal? 

A: Easy fix! Your baby just accidentally moved the center piece. With the pacifier clip attached to your baby--grab the pacifier side and pull to fully extend. Then just slide the middle piece back to the center. Let go and it will retract back to normal. 

2. Will the Retractaclip pull the pacifier out of my baby's mouth? 

A: We spent a long time getting the tension just right so that it won't. But we know not all babies are the same and some might be bothered by the slight pull when fully extended. However, when the Retractaclip is attached to the shirt/oneise collar it reaches their mouth without being extended and will have ZERO pull. So it can still be used with ANY baby. If you have a newborn, it is best to clip it to the collar or close to it until they have a strong suction of their pacifier and then as they get older--you can extend it to their waistband, carseat or other places. 

3. Is there a pacifier that the Retractaclip works best with? 

A: If the Retractaclip is fully extended it works best with ones that have a hole on the bottom like the circular ones by Philips Avent or Ryan & Rose. For pacifiers with the holes on the sides, when you attach the Retractaclip to one side the slight pull(when fully extended) can tilt the pacifier to one side. But when the Retractaclip is attached to the shirt/onesie collar there is zero pull and won't cause that type of pacifier to tilt. So still works with all pacifiers, as long as, there is a hole or bar to attach it to. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback. We would love to hear from you!